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Many people look at Coaching Institutes with skepticism. Like all things in life, success comes with the correct chemistry between the coach and the student. The coaching institute takes pride in its ability to provide quality training and education for coaches, students, staff, administrators, consultants, and professionals.

The institute is located in the San Francisco Bay Area, providing training on various aspects of leadership. There are five specific areas in which the institute is focused: mentorship and coaching, curriculum development, leadership assessments, executive coaching, and coaching in the workplace. The Coaching Institute also provides a broad range of continuing education credits that cover areas ranging from business administration to leadership to communication and interpersonal skills. The Institute also offers a wide range of services and products, including newsletters, online resources, executive coaching certifications, and leadership workshops.

The institute is led by Dr. Robert Kaplan, one of the most respected leaders in the coaching field. Dr. Kaplan was the founder of the Kaplan Leadership Institute, which provides executive coaching courses and seminars to coaches and employees. He was also the co-developer of the executive coaching certification program, which provides an excellent credential for those seeking to advance their coaching and leadership careers. Kaplan believes that coaching needs to be as effective as medicine, and has been instrumental in bringing to the forefront the need for education and training in coaching and executive coaching.

One of the most popular areas of focus for the Coaching Institute is mentorship and coaching. Coaches are given the responsibility to develop a mentorship with their students, providing them with both the tools and information they need to be successful. The Coaching Institute believes that it is essential for successful leadership to have a good mentor to guide the student along the road to leadership.

The other three areas of focus offered by the Coaching Institutes are curriculum development and delivery. The curriculum development and delivery areas of focus include courses in leadership and performance, leadership and consulting, diversity in business leadership, and leadership and consulting training. A number of industry-related seminars are also part of the curriculum development and delivery offerings of the institute.

The Coaching Institutes is also recognized nationally for their executive coaching certifications. Executive coaching certifications are a great way to begin or enhance your career in the executive coaching field and increase your understanding of the skills needed to succeed in the competitive job market.

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