Cricket is an extremely popular game

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Cricket is an extremely popular game and there are many different versions of the game played around the world. However, in the United Kingdom, cricket is often referred to as English cricket or British cricket and is predominantly played in England, though it is also played internationally.

Cricket Match

Cricket is essentially a bat and ball game played between two competing teams of eleven on a flat, rectangular ground in the middle of which is either a natural wicket, which consists of a single wicket at either end of the ground, or a boundary which has a marked boundary line. The two sides are divided by a boundary wall and the aim of the game is to get as many runs as possible, either by bowling and catching or by running and bowling. There are usually three outfield players, one to bowl and the other two to bat, with the exception of Twenty20 cricket, which requires two outfielders to bowl and one to bat. The batsman is required to have good hand eye co-ordination, to be able to read the ball and to be able to hit the ball with accuracy. In addition, the batsman needs to be fit enough to bat consistently over a long period of time, especially when batting against a faster bowling team.

The first match of the season usually begins with a day’s play, followed by a morning match, then an afternoon match and then another morning match. This pattern is repeated during the summer and winter seasons. The match is then played on a designated day of the week and usually follows a day of heavy rainfall, which may cause the ground to be damp.

For some matches, such as the Test series, it is customary for the umpires to wear protective eyewear like lenses and goggles and may also be required to have a helmet and protective clothing. The number one umpire (the one wearing the green top hat) is usually the only one permitted to watch the match from the outfield and also acts as the match referee. For most of the time, the umpires are allowed to use a microphone on which they announce the starting time of the match and all balls are struck or missed or any of the other relevant information.

The umpire’s decision on the result of the match will be based on several factors, including the number of runs scored, the number of wickets taken, number of balls bowled and the conditions in which the match took place. The team captains, or the captain and the coach, who are responsible for the side, may challenge an umpire’s decision. In addition, there are many other methods of contesting an umpire’s decision.

If there are any controversies relating to the match or an individual player, a point is awarded to the side with the better team score. The captain of the losing team may then request that the match be re-played. In addition, if more than ten overs are lost due to any number of overs being missed and the score after the resumption of play falls below the required minimum, the match may be continued to the next allotted break in the over/over quota.

Another aspect of the umpire’s decision is related to the condition of the outfield players. If there are no wickets at the disposal of the batsmen, or the batsman or both have been caught, the fielding team is given overs until the wicket falls, whereupon one more over will be made available for the batting side. The bowling team may request an extra over after this point or may ask for a new batsman. After this point, the wicket is lost and the batsmen are out.

Cricket is considered to be one of the most popular sports in the world, with fans of both sexes from every country. While not always considered a true game by some people, cricket is nevertheless a competitive sport, in which all members participate, from the novice player to the professional match winner.

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