What Are the Benefits of a Cyber Security Solution?

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As a cyber security specialist with several years experience in this field, I am often asked if a business can have its own cyber security solution or if they must rely on an outside provider. The answer to this question is not simple, especially when a company lacks specific resources to address cyber issues. Not long ago, I helped an organization that had recently implemented a new system for perimeter protection. The result was an increase in security for all networks, internal and external to the organization.

However, the question remains: can your company develop its own cyber security framework? The answer is: probably not. The first category of cyber security solution that your company should have is perimeter protection. This approach protects against the types of attacks that occur at the edge of the network. These attacks can include phishing scams and malicious intrusions. Cloud technologies, mobile devices, and internet applications offer a significant amount of new opportunities to organizations in this area. Read More About 페이스톡사기

If an employee on the network comes under attack from a cyber criminal or group of cyber criminals, the IT professional who is responsible for this aspect of cyber security must respond quickly. Response times in cyber security are measured in minutes rather than hours. If your company does not have a cyber security solution in place, you risk losing data and having important business relationships ruined. For example, if your company has a large customer database and an employee from a cyber security firm enters the database and steals the information, it could take weeks or months to recover the lost information.

Many companies have failed to take cyber security seriously, partly because of the misconceptions of what these issues are and partly due to a lack of resources. Employees in IT departments are rarely trained specifically to address these issues. The lack of resources means that many companies simply refuse to invest in their own cyber security solutions. Often businesses will look to the outside help to solve these issues. Large corporations may not be able to afford to hire the numbers of workers it takes to adequately address these issues on their own.

A cyber security solution can also help human security. Hackers rely on deception and trickery in order to obtain confidential information. This kind of devious behavior has made many a security breach an actuality in the news. In one case, hackers gained access to the personal information of over a million Verizon Wireless customers. While the data was eventually recovered, Verizon Wireless paid over a million dollars in damages to customers and the cost of a security plan that prevented this from happening again.

A well-built cyber security solution can prevent many problems from ever arising. Human error is still a factor, but a quality network security tool removes or prevents most of these issues. Some of these tools can work as simply deterrents, preventing software from being loaded or running on a network. Others are more advanced, offering real-time reporting and the ability to block software on the network based on a fingerprint analysis. Using a combination of both techniques and solutions can provide excellent network security, even in the face of malicious human behavior.

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